Welcome to our Sea Cottages where you can enjoy your SUNDOWNERS whilst you watch the beautiful SUNSET over the lagoon, enjoy a WONDERFUl MEAL at a selection of world class RESTAURANTS and finally fall asleep to the SOUNDS of the SEA.


​Sea Cottages

Our Story


A family recipe!


Langebaan Sea Cottages opening was a family dream come true. ​Your hosts are the semi-retired Ryan Family who love the sea, the beach and are passionate about serendipity ... when events and people come together by beautiful 'chance'! 

Hippo (Harold) hails from East London and is known for his swimming prowess as a waterpolo player, kayaker, lifeguard and a long profession in prosthesis/ orthotics. Pat hails from England and Rhodesia and is known for her entertaining ways and her eye for design, comfort and style. She has found a new life in Langebaan after a long and successful career in recruitment. 


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